10 Bloxburg House Layouts To Get You Started - Game Specifications (2024)

Bloxburg is an awesome game in Roblox where you can build your own houses and interact with other players. With great building materials and interactive items, the players find it quite a good place to chill out. Moreover, the aestheticism among these houses is a way of judging your building skills in the game. The better your house looks, the more attention it attracts!

Bloxburg House Layouts are the blueprints of homes that help you to replicate it in Bloxburg. These layouts have proper dimensional markings which allow you to recreate them easily in the game. Moreover, if you follow these layouts properly, you can build a house more cost-efficiently.

Let’s jump right into it –

What are Bloxburg House Layouts?

Bloxburg is an open sandbox game made in Roblox where players can construct any building they want. Although, you have to manage your costs before building your house. This is where Bloxburg House Layouts come into play!

With pre-existing Bloxburg House Layouts, you can know the cost beforehand and you can make your house properly. With a set of layouts, you will know that how your house will look. There are thousands of house layouts published over Pinterest. Among those, we’ve selected the top 10 layouts which will help you in building a Bloxburg House.

Bloxburg House Layouts List –

Following are the list of all mentioned house layouts –

  1. Lido House
  2. Doll House
  3. Lakefront Cottage
  4. Happy Home Robloxia
  5. Cozy Cottage
  6. Peaceful Living
  7. Classic Family Home
  8. Small Suburban
  9. The Bloxington Mansion
  10. 2016 Happy Home of Robloxia

1. Lido House

10 Bloxburg House Layouts To Get You Started - Game Specifications (1)

Lido House is the unique autograph collection house in the game. The place is excellent in size, having one floor. Below it has a massive living room along with the kitchen and a decent measure of the bathroom. Moving on towards the first floor with the staircase, you will get two bedrooms, in which one bedroom has an attached shower and toilet and one shared bathroom. The critical element in this house is the gallery located on the first floor. With these 3 floors, this is definitely one of the best Bloxburg House Layouts.

2. Doll House

10 Bloxburg House Layouts To Get You Started - Game Specifications (2)

The Doll House Bloxburg House Layouts are pretty similar to its name. The House simple and has pink color all around, and it is a one-level house. Below on the ground level, you can see a living area along with the kitchen, attached, and a tiny dining area on the left side. Going on towards the first floor, there is a bedroom with a bathroom.

3. Lakefront Cottage

10 Bloxburg House Layouts To Get You Started - Game Specifications (3)

The Lakefront Cottage is a very simple and stylish cottage which is having three bedrooms. It has a vacation-style home plan layout with lots of natural lights and locations such as the fireplace, mezzanine, and cathedral. The structure of this house consists of a living room, dining area, kitchen. After moving from the foyer or lobby, there is a bathroom along with one bedroom.

4. Happy Home Robloxia

10 Bloxburg House Layouts To Get You Started - Game Specifications (4)

You will find multiple Bloxburg house layouts, and Happy Home Robloxia is one of the simplistic house layouts. You will get it free as a starter pack; otherwise, you will have to pay $7,500 to build. The house has a tremendous charming outside, a cute interior design, a tiny little kitchen, one important living area, a bedroom that includes a dresser, bed, closet, and for hygiene, a small bathroom.

5. Cozy Cottage

10 Bloxburg House Layouts To Get You Started - Game Specifications (5)

In the game, the design of the Cozy cottage is very much similar to the design layout of Happy Home Robloxia house. The Cozy Cottage has a very modern design along with a rustic theme. In this cottage, you will find two bedrooms and two bathrooms which is a new feature. There is a better quality of appliances in the house and the living area for the family, and the front porch. For constructing Cozy Cottage, you will have to spend $20,000.

6. Peaceful Living

10 Bloxburg House Layouts To Get You Started - Game Specifications (6)

Peaceful Layout contains one bedroom that is very peaceful and does have a suburban theme. The layout of rooms in Peaceful Living is significant than the Cozy Home and Home of Robloxia. In the game, Peaceful Living is also one of the cheapest pre-built houses available in the garage. You will have to spend $50,000 to build this house in the game.

7. Classic Family Home

10 Bloxburg House Layouts To Get You Started - Game Specifications (7)

The Classic Family Home is a large Bloxburg house layouts compared to other places. In this small mansion with a big size bedroom and a living room. The kitchen size of this house, the layout is massive along with granite countertops and contains huge garage space for parking the vehicles. You will have to spend $75,000 to get this Classic Family Home.

8. Small Suburban

10 Bloxburg House Layouts To Get You Started - Game Specifications (8)

Small Suburban is the second most expensive house in Bloxburg. The price for getting this massive house is $85,000 in the game. The house layout contains two bedrooms, also a good size kitchen. One of the fantastic features of this house is that it includes a fence outside the home. The house is inspired by the suburban dwellings situated in the regions of the US and Canada.

9. The Bloxington Mansion

10 Bloxburg House Layouts To Get You Started - Game Specifications (9)

The Blozington Mansion is the biggest and the most expensive house in the game. It is the only pre-built house that has an outer wall and rooms with incredible capacities. This house is the most costly in the game, for which you have to spend $200,000, and the house value has the cost of $138,000. After it is designed after the villages, it will make you feel like Spain, Italy or sometimes in California. But you have to remember one crucial point that this house contains only a single bedroom.

10. 2016 Happy Home of Robloxia

The 2016 Happy Home of Robloxia is the starter home in the game. The following house includes a small living room consisting of an old television set (TV), one book set, a red-colored bedroom with one more bookshelf, and a side table. The house is also decorated with a blue kitchen having a table and one bathroom. But you must note a point that this house contains one bedroom and one bathroom.

Why Bloxburg House Layouts are so famous?

As mentioned previously, a good attractive house will create attention. With a great layout, every player will ask you to help him build a house. ith these layouts, you can create a great house in Bloxburg which can be used to chill out.

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Expert Introduction: As an avid player and enthusiast of Roblox, particularly the game Bloxburg, I have spent countless hours exploring the intricacies of building houses and understanding the nuances of house layouts within the game. My expertise stems from firsthand experience in creating and replicating various house layouts, as well as engaging with the Bloxburg community to stay updated on the latest trends and developments within the game. Additionally, I have closely followed the evolution of Bloxburg House Layouts and their impact on the overall gaming experience, making me well-versed in the subject matter.

Bloxburg House Layouts: An Overview

What are Bloxburg House Layouts?

Bloxburg House Layouts are essential blueprints that provide players with detailed dimensional markings to replicate homes within the game. These layouts serve as a cost-efficient way to plan and construct houses, offering a preview of the final look and enabling players to manage their building costs effectively.

List of Bloxburg House Layouts:

  1. Lido House: A unique autograph collection house with three floors, featuring a massive living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and a gallery on the first floor.
  2. Doll House: A one-level house with a simple and pink-themed design, including a living area, kitchen, and a bedroom with a bathroom.
  3. Lakefront Cottage: A stylish cottage with three bedrooms, a vacation-style layout, and ample natural lighting.
  4. Happy Home Robloxia: A simplistic house layout with a charming exterior, a compact interior design, and a tiny kitchen.
  5. Cozy Cottage: A modern design with a rustic theme, featuring two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and high-quality appliances.
  6. Peaceful Living: A layout with a suburban theme, containing one bedroom and offering significant room space.
  7. Classic Family Home: A large layout with a spacious bedroom, a massive kitchen, and a substantial garage space for vehicles.
  8. Small Suburban: The second most expensive house in Bloxburg, featuring two bedrooms, a good-sized kitchen, and a fence outside the home.
  9. The Bloxington Mansion: The most expensive house in the game, designed with outer walls and incredible capacities, albeit with only a single bedroom.
  10. 2016 Happy Home of Robloxia: A starter home with a small living room, bedroom, bathroom, and a blue kitchen.

Why Bloxburg House Layouts are Popular:

Bloxburg House Layouts have gained popularity due to their ability to create attention-grabbing and aesthetically pleasing houses, which serve as social hubs for players to interact and chill out within the game.

This comprehensive overview of Bloxburg House Layouts showcases the diverse range of options available to players, each with its unique features and design elements.

10 Bloxburg House Layouts To Get You Started - Game Specifications (2024)


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