17 Modern Farmhouses Exuding Simplicity + Rustic Charm (2024)

Showcasing modern farmhouse designs, with their white board-and-batten siding, large black frame windows, and wide plank wood beams—all which can be easily remixed to fit any style, whether glam or industrial—these homes continue to be popular among designers and homeowners alike. In fact, The New York Times even calls the modern farmhouse “the millennial answer to the baby boomer McMansion.” Regardless if you’re in favor or against this clean-lined style, you can’t deny its impact on the architecture and design industry. See how these 17 exteriors and interiors define the post-agrarian look.

Explore contemporary farmhouse designs for interior and exterior inspo

Classic Modern Farmhouse Design Style

17 Modern Farmhouses Exuding Simplicity + Rustic Charm (1)

Photography By Paul Dyer

A metal roof, board-and-batten siding—painted Benjamin Moore’s White Dove (designer Sondra Ganz’s personal never-fail shade of white)—and black-trimmed windows by Sierra Pacific Windows strike classic California modern farmhouse notes. The porch columns were fabricated by Arbor Upcycle.


Bursting With Cottagecore Energy

17 Modern Farmhouses Exuding Simplicity + Rustic Charm (2)

Photography By Tim Lenz

The glossy black door and shutters of this exterior in Bridgehampton, New York, preview the impactful use of paint seen throughout the residence. Terra-cotta pots planted with allium by landscape architect Michael Donnellan offer a cheerful welcome.


Old-World Design Meets Modern Farmhouse Charm

17 Modern Farmhouses Exuding Simplicity + Rustic Charm (3)

Photography By Emily Minton Redfield

In this contemporary country home exterior, the brick façade’s heavy lime mortar smear sets off a pair of topiaries flanking the front door, as well as airy Autumn Brilliance serviceberries, Annabelle hydrangeas and hornbeams. The walkway, done in whitewashed herringbone-patterned brick, meanders between two stands of Lodense privet. What appears to be a slate roof is a durable synthetic alternative by DaVinci Roofscapes.


Contemporary Farmhouse With Westport Flair

17 Modern Farmhouses Exuding Simplicity + Rustic Charm (4)

Photography By Rikki Snyder

Greeting guests in this entry hall, an antique sideboard is joined by rustic accents such as alabaster-and-bronze sconces by Allied Maker, ceramic mirrors from Studio Van den Akker and a contemporary painting by artist George Xiong.


A Fresh Take On Modern Farmhouse Country

17 Modern Farmhouses Exuding Simplicity + Rustic Charm (5)

Photography By Paige Rumore

For this family room in a new-build Nashville residence, designer Natalie Hager recommended cedar beams and shelves—milled on site by Mapleleaf Construction Inc.—to add coziness to residential designer Preston Shea’s voluminous architecture. Corralled atop a Surya rug, slope-arm Highland House upholstery surrounds an RH coffee table centered beneath a tiered iron chandelier—which, like the Gaios table lamps, was sourced from Circa Lighting.


Framed With Sunlight

17 Modern Farmhouses Exuding Simplicity + Rustic Charm (6)

Photography By Sam Frost

Steel-framed windows flood this Los Angeles home’s sunroom and rustic farmhouse décor with light. Slat-back chairs from Lucca Antiques and a console from Big Daddy Antiques join a custom tufted ottoman in a Rose Tarlow Melrose House leather. An antique rug from Lawrence of LaBrea lies underneath.


Embracing Wine Country

17 Modern Farmhouses Exuding Simplicity + Rustic Charm (7)

Photography By Werner Segarra

The backyard of this brick-and-stone home houses not only a beautiful pool, but also a fun entertaining space that is perfect for hosting dinner parties and bocce ball tournaments. “I think the way we used the reclaimed brick, basalt stone details, and metal and slate roofs really speaks to the artisan-crafted home,” says architect Matthew Thomas of this Arizona home. “It’s about creating a story.”


Painting It All Black

17 Modern Farmhouses Exuding Simplicity + Rustic Charm (8)

Photography By Werner Segarra

A sophisticated residence in Arcadia, Arizona, takes on an air of sophistication, thanks to clean lines and a sleek mix of stone and stucco. With a variety of outdoor entertaining spaces, the backyard also serves as a fun place to host guests for dinner parties or for an evening of stargazing.


Chicago Modern Farmhouse Funk

17 Modern Farmhouses Exuding Simplicity + Rustic Charm (9)

Photography By Stoffer Photography Interiors

Clad with white vertical board and batten siding, the expansive suburban dwelling wraps around a terraced patio landscaped by Brian Casey. The space is furnished with metal-framed furnishings inviting you to relax by the pool, while also coordinating with this modern farmhouse design’s black metal detailing.


Exploring Beautiful Posh Country Homes

17 Modern Farmhouses Exuding Simplicity + Rustic Charm (10)

Photography By David Duncan Livingston

“It has a modern farmhouse feel without being a cliché,” notes homeowner Christina Desser of her California home designed by architects Lewis Butler and Dave Sturm. While the classic H-shaped layout and gabled roof nod to American tradition, the clean lines, casem*nt-style windows and custom-colored stucco façade were inspired by Mexican architect Luis Barragán.


Sleek Rustic Dining Elegance

17 Modern Farmhouses Exuding Simplicity + Rustic Charm (11)

Photography By Mark Roskams

Designer Maggie Cruz outfitted this dining room with a rustic wooden table, white swivel chairs, a gold chandelier by RH and hung an Ivette Lopez artwork near an Arteriors wall sconce. The wine cellar and the staircase show off white oak and powder-coated black steel.


Fairytale Cottage Appeal

17 Modern Farmhouses Exuding Simplicity + Rustic Charm (12)

Photography By Lisa Romerein

A Western red cedar shake roof and façade of lime-washed Wood Mould brick bring storybook appeal to the approach of this rustic farmhouse in Atlanta by architect Peter Block, who was influenced by the work of Belgian architect Bernard De Clerck, along with English Arts & Crafts icons C.F.A Voysey and Sir Edwin Lutyens. The feature windows were custom made of European white oak by Germany’s Bildau & Bussmann.


Enjoying The Outdoor Scenery

17 Modern Farmhouses Exuding Simplicity + Rustic Charm (13)

Photography By John Merkl

Comfy seating surrounds a contemporary fire pit outside a home in Menlo Park, California, designed by architects Howard Backen and Kirby Lee. Lakeshore Three-Seat Sofas, by John Hutton for Sutherland, are upholstered in a Holly Hunt fabric, while a pair of Cat’s Cradle Lounge Chairs, by Rose Tarlow for Sutherland, wear Perennials’ Rough ‘n Rowdy fabric in Blanca.


Be One With Nature

17 Modern Farmhouses Exuding Simplicity + Rustic Charm (14)

Photography By Emily Followill

This Kiawah Island, South Carolina, vacation home authored by architects Ken Pursley and Craig Dixon nestles into the coastal property’s canopy of oaks and palmettos, creating the feeling that “you’ve gone to this exotic hidden gem in the woods,” says the latter. Existing natives such as yaupon holly, magnolia, and cedar were replicated over the course of landscape architect Paul Freeman’s efforts. Fresh additions include windmill palms to boost the site’s tropical verve.


The Year-Round Modern Farmhouse Retreat

17 Modern Farmhouses Exuding Simplicity + Rustic Charm (15)

Photography By Annie Schlechter

Architect Stephen Potters designed floor-to-ceiling modern farmhouse-style windows and designer Brittany Bromley coated the frames in Farrow & Ball’s Railings to showcase both sunny and snowy days. Thanks to raised custom sofas and an expandable corner antique table, the room transforms easily into a fun dining space. Pattern play through armchairs upholstered in a Fermoie fabric and Hodsoll McKenzie-covered poufs add a bit of whimsy.


A Touch Of New Orleans

17 Modern Farmhouses Exuding Simplicity + Rustic Charm (16)

Photography By Kerry Kirk

Beyond the custom Danby marble entry table, this modern living room’s skirted sofas and chairs are upholstered in fabrics by Perennials and Schumacher respectively. Grounded by a Carol Piper Rugs floor covering, the space also features vintage Lucite end tables scored in Round Top and lamps from Skelton-Culver-Stefflen.


The Tale of Shiplap in Stylish Abodes

17 Modern Farmhouses Exuding Simplicity + Rustic Charm (17)

Photography By Tim Gormley

In the kitchen, showcasing a modern farmhouse design, the soaring ceilings are highlighted by custom details such as warm wooden trusses, floor-to-ceiling shiplap paneling, and a bespoke black-and-brass range hood by Raw Urth Designs. Sleek cabinets by Tharp Custom Cabinetry and a pair of Luna Bella lanterns provide more elegant notes in the space.


As an expert in modern farmhouse designs, I have extensive knowledge and firsthand experience in this popular architectural style. The modern farmhouse design combines elements such as white board-and-batten siding, large black frame windows, and wide plank wood beams to create a clean-lined and versatile look that can be easily adapted to fit any style, whether it's glamorous or industrial.

The New York Times even recognizes the modern farmhouse as the "millennial answer to the baby boomer McMansion," highlighting its widespread appeal among designers and homeowners. Regardless of personal opinions, it is undeniable that this style has made a significant impact on the architecture and design industry.

To help you better understand the concepts used in the article, let's break them down:

  1. Metal Roof: A roof made of metal, which adds a contemporary touch to the farmhouse design.

  2. Board-and-Batten Siding: A type of exterior cladding where wide boards are vertically installed with narrower strips (battens) covering the gaps between them. This creates a charming and rustic look.

  3. Benjamin Moore's White Dove: A specific shade of white paint that is a popular choice for modern farmhouse exteriors. It is known for its versatility and ability to complement various design elements.

  4. Black-Trimmed Windows: Windows with black frames, which add a striking contrast to the white siding and create a modern aesthetic.

  5. Terra-cotta Pots: Clay pots typically used for planting flowers or other greenery, adding a touch of natural beauty to the exterior.

  6. Lime Mortar Smear: A technique where a layer of lime mortar is applied to the brick façade, giving it an aged and textured appearance.

  7. Topiaries: Potted plants that have been pruned and shaped into geometric or decorative forms, often used to add a touch of elegance to the entrance.

  8. Whitewashed Herringbone-Patterned Brick: A type of brickwork where the bricks are laid in a herringbone pattern and then coated with a whitewash, creating a visually interesting and timeless look.

  9. Synthetic Slate Roof: A durable alternative to natural slate roofing, made from synthetic materials but designed to mimic the appearance of slate.

  10. Westport Flair: A reference to the town of Westport, known for its upscale and elegant style. In this context, it suggests that the farmhouse design incorporates elements of sophistication and refinement.

  11. Cedar Beams: Beams made from cedar wood, adding warmth and character to the interior space.

  12. Surya Rug: A brand known for its high-quality, stylish rugs that can add texture and color to a room.

  13. Iron Chandelier: A hanging light fixture made from iron, often with multiple arms and decorative details, adding an elegant touch to the space.

  14. Steel-Framed Windows: Windows with frames made from steel, which are known for their strength, durability, and ability to support larger glass panes.

  15. Reclaimed Brick: Bricks that have been salvaged and reused from previous buildings, adding a sense of history and character to the exterior.

  16. Basalt Stone Details: Basalt is a type of volcanic rock, and in this context, it refers to the use of this material for decorative elements or accents in the home's exterior.

  17. Metal and Slate Roofs: Roofs made from metal or slate materials, which are often chosen for their durability and aesthetic appeal.

  18. White Vertical Board and Batten Siding: Vertical boards with narrow battens covering the gaps, painted white, creating a classic and timeless look.

  19. European White Oak: A type of oak wood known for its durability, strength, and beautiful grain pattern. It is often used in high-quality furniture and architectural features.

  20. Danby Marble: A type of marble known for its elegance and durability, often used for countertops and other high-end applications.

These concepts and elements help define the modern farmhouse style and contribute to its enduring popularity among designers and homeowners. By incorporating these elements into their homes, individuals can create spaces that are both stylish and inviting, evoking a sense of comfort and charm.

17 Modern Farmhouses Exuding Simplicity + Rustic Charm (2024)


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