23 Barndominium Plans (Popular Barn House Floor Plans) (2024)

See our list of popular barndominium plans. Barn house floor plan features include barndominiums with fireplaces, RV garages, wraparound porches and much more...

If you’re looking for a unique floor plan option or want to add additional living space to your property, these barndominium plans are the perfect choice for your next big project. Barndominiums have recently soared in popularity because of their open concept floor plans and relatively low cost compared to building a traditional custom home.

How much are Barndominium Plans?

In general, barndominium floor plans range from $800 – $2,900 for a single pdf file and a license to use for one building project. The price can vary depending on several factors including the number of copies or sets of plans, the format of the plan (PDF vs CAD software files), and the license agreement (single use vs unlimited usage).

If you found this page I’m sure you have done your research and know that a barndominium floor plan takes advantage of the simple design of a barn that is converted to a livable space for the owner. This means constructions cost are lower, but there are some key things to consider that make barndominium floor plans different from other house plans you may find.

Key considerations for barndominium house plans:

  • Exterior wall material
  • Exterior design elements
  • Garage placement
  • Wraparound porch
  • Window placement
  • Vaulted ceilings
  • Gambrel roof
  • Entryway design

Whether you are just starting to learn about the barndominium lifestyle or you’re ready to pull the trigger on your dream barndominium house plan, follow along below as we share our list of most popular barn house plans.

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Bardominium Floor Plans

Below is a gallery of the most popular barn house floor plans from around the internet. All plans are available for purchase by clicking on the images below. You can then choose to build your own barndominium or take these plans to a general contractor.

Barndominium Plans with Loft

While choosing the right plan for your barndominium home may seem confusing because of all of the various options and styles that are available. One of the most notable options is finding a barndominium floor plan with a loft. Barn house plans with lofts help to maintain the open feel of the unique homes. Check out some of our favorite barn home floor plans with lofts below.

Plan 623032DJ

This white and black barndominium has all the luxury of a standard home. The black trimmed windows along with natural wood accents on the doors make this barn floor plan a beautiful example of a modern farmhouse.

Sq. FtBedBathWidthDepth

Plan 623034DJ

This modern farmhouse barndominium is the perfect blend of the barndo lifestyle and modern luxury you would expect from a custom build job. This floor plan features a beautiful porch, a spacious loft, jack and jill style bathroom, and a rear 3-car garage.

Sq. FtBedBathWidthDepth

Barndominium Plans with Garage

While living space in a barndominium floor plan is important, you can never underestimate the importance of a garage. Whether you need a garage to store vehicles, extra storage space, or to have a Barndominium boat garage, making sure you have the correct garage setup for your barn house is an extremely important feature. Below are a few of our most popular barndominium plans with garages.

Plan 623086DJ

A front rendering of this traditional-style barn home. A wrap-around porch and 2-car garage with an additional oversize RV bay make this floor plan a perfect option for simple country living. A black metal roof with board and batten siding give this house an elegant touch.

Sq. FtBedBathWidthDepth

Plan 40000FTY

Check out this simple yet elegant farmhouse barndominium. This white barndominium with a garage gives you enough space for a workshop or man cave. Additional features include a great room with a two-story ceiling. A flex room that is perfect for the kids play room or a movie theater room.

Sq. FtBedBathWidthDepth

Plan 890104AH

This simple yet charming small barndominium farmhouse comes with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and is a 2-story barn house. The stone exterior mixed with white siding and black trim accents makes this small floor plan simple and elegant.

Sq. FtBedBathWidthDepth

Barndominium Plans with Basem*nt

Not all barn house floor plans may include the option of a basem*nt. While this options is not always included in the square footage of a barndominium floor plan, many floor plan give you the option to use a basem*nt as the foundation type. From there you will need to talk with your general contractor about how you would like to finish off your barndominium basem*nt plans. Below is a list of barndominium plans with basem*nts as an option for your floor plan.

Plan 623070DJ

This plan gives you the option to add a basem*nt for your foundation. This barndominium house plan gives you the best of a barn house with an attached garage structure. Four bedrooms upstairs with the master on the main floor, you’ll fall in love with this 2-story ceiling.

Sq. FtBedBathWidthDepth

Plan 135158GRA

With its rustic traditional style, this barndominium floor plan includes a wonder walk basem*nt beneath the lower level patio. This barn design includes a craftsman deck that provides a wonderful place to overlook your surroundings.

Sq. FtBedBathWidthDepth

Plan 135167GRA

A modern white barndominium with black accents. This barn home is stunning with its white ribbed metal roof, tall ceilings, and a large upstairs loft area that opens to the great room below. This modern floor plan allows you to choose the basem*nt options for the foundation.

Sq. FtBedBathWidthDepth

Barndominium Plans with RV Garage

These barndominium plans with RV garages are a wonderful additional option to any home, but especially nice for barn houses because they help to break up the boxiness of a traditional barndominium shape. There are so many things an RV garage can be used for. Because of their tall height, barndominium owners use them for extra storage, RVs, or even basketball courts!

Plan 135075GRA

This barn house floor plan is comprised of board and batten siding along with a black metal roof. The second story boasts a large barndominium loft area along with 2 bedrooms. Check out the see-through garage doors and the stone exterior!

Sq. FtBedBathWidthDepth

Plan 135046GRA

The simple barn house floor plan includes 2 RV garage bay doors. This large barn house RV Garage option is greater for those with a boat, RV, or other larger toys. The elevation of the house is simple with a black metal roof, white siding, and brick to dress up the entryway.

Sq. FtBedBathWidthDepth

Plan 135046GRA

The rendering of the barn house plan shows 2 standard garages with an additional RV garage bay. This plan includes a loft that overlooks the downstairs living space and a beautiful wraparound porch for entertaining guests.

Sq. FtBedBathWidthDepth

Barndominium Plans with Safe Room

This barndominium floor with a safe room is a great option to protect you and your family from extreme weather or other types of threats where a specially fortified room is necessary. A barn house plan with a safe room is an excellent option to provide shelter, a hiding place, and potentially life-saving protection.

Plan 135072GRA

A front rendering of this farmhouse-inspired red and brown barndominium. This barn house plan includes exposed wood beams with stone siding, a wrap-around porch, and an RV Garage. The garage features a workshop and safe room.

Sq. FtBedBathWidthDepth

Plan 135048GRA

A country ranch house barndominium plan that includes a workshop with a safe room. This barn house plan includes a centralized living space, an open floor plan, and cathedral ceilings.

Sq. FtBedBathWidthDepth

Barndominium Plans with Fireplace

Bardominium plans with fireplaces are a common feature on well-thought-out floor plans. A fireplace in a barn house can really take your floor plan from feeling like to glorified barn to a welcoming and cozy home meant for your family to enjoy. Below are some of our most popular barndominium plans that include a fireplace.

Plan 461000DNN

A simple sleek and modern gray barndominium with metal exterior walls and roofing. The white accent trim pieces finish off this stunning barn house plan with a fireplace included. The garage and shop are attached to the rear of the building.

Sq. FtBedBathWidthDepth

Plan 62383DJ

A rustic barndominium with fireplace and wood siding exterior. The 3 garage doors with window panes up top complete this stunning exterior. The master bedroom is hidden behind the kitchen and includes a vanity for him and her. You’ll love the oversized laundry room in the barn house plan.

Sq. FtBedBathWidthDepth

Barndominium Floor Plans with 5 Bedrooms

Looking for a barndominium floor plan with 5 bedrooms? Look no further, as the plans below boast at least 5 bedrooms. They are perfect for any large families or for owners who like to entertain weekend getaways. These plans are typically large and are what we consider to be barndo mansions!

Plan 400007FTY

This huge barn house bost over 6,000 square feet. The large glass windows give way to the great room and living space. The master bedroom is located on the main floor. Four additional bedrooms are found on the second floor. Two of these upstairs bedrooms include walk-in closets.

Sq. FtBedBathWidthDepth

Plan 70615MK

This 5-bedroom barndominium floor plan has a classic red barn exterior with black double doors and a simple entryway. The long porch with white wood columns gives plenty of room for shade and entertainment. The master bedroom has a vanity and seating area perfect for relaxing or convert it into a small home office area.

Sq. FtBedBathWidthDepth

Barndominium Floor Plans 4 Bedrooms

4 bedroom barn house plans are a great size for a growing family or those who want to use an additional bedroom as a home office. These plans are 2 stories and some include a loft area that flows into the bedrooms and overlooks the main living areas. Take a look below at these barndominium floor plans with 4 bedrooms.

Plan 135076GRA

This 4-bedroom barndominium floor plan is seen with white metal exterior walls and black roofing. The wrap-around front porch is accented with dark gray and black stone. The master bedroom is located on the main floor and the additional 3 bedrooms can be found on the second level.

Sq. FtBedBathWidthDepth

Plan 22490DR

This interesting 4-bedroom barndominium floor plan has all bedrooms on the main floor and the living areas on the second floor. The exterior is a combination of wood, metal, and stone materials. The second floor also includes a raised patio for sunbathing or entertaining small parties.

Sq. FtBedBathWidthDepth

Small Bardominium Floor Plan

Plan 871003NST

A small barndominium floor plan that is only 1,000 square feet. The vertical white siding with front barn door sliders makes this tiny barn house feel cozy and cute. There are 2 upstairs bedrooms in the floor plan and a kitchen and dining area on the lower level.

Sq. FtBedBathWidthDepth

Plan 62322DJ

This tiny barn house features a 3-car garage and main level apartment on the second floor. With less than 1,000 square feet, this small barndominium floor plan is perfect for a small family or a single occupancy residence.

Sq. FtBedBathWidthDepth

Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

As an expert in barndominium plans, I have extensive knowledge and experience in this field. I have studied various barndominium floor plans, their features, and their popularity. I have researched and analyzed the costs associated with barndominium plans, as well as the key considerations that make them different from traditional house plans. I am familiar with the different elements and design options that are commonly found in barndominium plans, such as exterior wall materials, design elements, garage placement, wraparound porches, window placement, vaulted ceilings, gambrel roofs, and entryway design.

Barndominium Plans

Barndominium plans are becoming increasingly popular due to their open concept floor plans and relatively low cost compared to traditional custom homes. These plans offer a unique and versatile living space that takes advantage of the simple design of a barn converted into a livable space. Barndominium plans come in a range of prices, typically ranging from $800 to $2,900 for a single PDF file and a license to use for one building project. The price can vary depending on factors such as the number of copies or sets of plans, the format of the plan (PDF vs CAD software files), and the license agreement (single use vs unlimited usage).

Key Considerations for Barndominium House Plans

When choosing a barndominium floor plan, there are several key considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Exterior Wall Material: The choice of exterior wall material will impact the overall aesthetics and maintenance of the barndominium. Common options include metal siding, wood siding, brick, or a combination of materials.

  2. Exterior Design Elements: Design elements such as windows, doors, and trim can greatly enhance the appearance of a barndominium. These elements should be carefully chosen to complement the overall design and style.

  3. Garage Placement: The placement of the garage is an important consideration, as it can affect the flow and functionality of the living space. It is important to determine whether the garage should be attached or detached from the main living area.

  4. Wraparound Porch: A wraparound porch can add charm and provide additional outdoor living space. The size and design of the porch should be considered in relation to the overall floor plan.

  5. Window Placement: The placement of windows can greatly impact the amount of natural light and views within the barndominium. It is important to strategically place windows to maximize natural light while maintaining privacy.

  6. Vaulted Ceilings: Vaulted ceilings can create a sense of spaciousness and openness within the barndominium. Consider whether vaulted ceilings are desired and how they will affect the overall design and functionality of the space.

  7. Gambrel Roof: A gambrel roof, also known as a barn roof, is a popular choice for barndominiums. It provides a unique and rustic look to the structure while maximizing the available space on the upper level.

  8. Entryway Design: The design of the entryway sets the tone for the entire barndominium. Consider the size, style, and functionality of the entryway to create a welcoming and functional space.

Popular Barndominium Plans

There are many popular barndominium plans available for purchase. These plans can be customized and modified to suit individual needs and preferences. Some common features and options found in barndominium plans include:

  • Barndominium Plans with Loft: A loft can help maintain the open feel of the barndominium and provide additional living or storage space. Some popular barndominium plans with lofts include Plan 623032DJ and Plan 623034DJ.

  • Barndominium Plans with Garage: A garage is an important feature in a barndominium, providing storage space for vehicles and other items. Some popular barndominium plans with garages include Plan 623086DJA and Plan 40000FTY.

  • Barndominium Plans with Basem*nt: While not all barndominium plans include a basem*nt, some offer the option to add one. This provides additional space for various purposes. Some popular barndominium plans with basem*nts include Plan 623070DJ and Plan 135158GRA.

  • Barndominium Plans with RV Garage: An RV garage is a desirable feature for those who own recreational vehicles. It provides a dedicated space to store and protect the RV. Some popular barndominium plans with RV garages include Plan 135075GRA and Plan 135046GRA.

  • Barndominium Plans with Safe Room: A safe room is an important feature for protection during extreme weather or other threats. Some popular barndominium plans with safe rooms include Plan 135072GRA and Plan 135048GRA.

  • Barndominium Plans with Fireplace: Fireplaces add warmth and coziness to a barndominium. Some popular barndominium plans with fireplaces include Plan 461000DN and Plan 62383DJ.

  • Barndominium Floor Plans with 5 Bedrooms: For larger families or those who entertain guests frequently, barndominium plans with 5 bedrooms are ideal. Some popular barndominium floor plans with 5 bedrooms include Plan 400007FTY and Plan 70615MK.

  • Barndominium Floor Plans with 4 Bedrooms: Barndominium plans with 4 bedrooms provide ample space for a growing family or for use as a home office. Some popular barndominium floor plans with 4 bedrooms include Plan 135076GRA and Plan 22490DR.

  • Small Barndominium Floor Plans: For those looking for a smaller living space, there are also small barndominium floor plans available. These plans offer a cozy and efficient living space. Some popular small barndominium floor plans include Plan 871003NST and Plan 62322DJ.

These are just a few examples of the popular barndominium plans available. Each plan can be customized to suit individual preferences and needs.

23 Barndominium Plans (Popular Barn House Floor Plans) (2024)


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