Beet Salad With Coriander-Yogurt Dressing Recipe (2024)



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On cooking beets - I don’t like baking them wrapped in aluminum foil - it is too wasteful. Instead I put in as many as my mini slow cooker can hold and switch it on high. They cook through in 2-3 hours and the skin slips off with a little persuasion by the vegetable peeler.

jill goddard

Simple kitchen hack. Rinse the chick peas and give them a good spin in the salad spinner. They will be much drier and roast up quicker than drying them with a towel.


I thought this salad sounded perfect…and then I made it. While it’s a good starting off point, it’s simply too bland as is. I wound up adding pieces of orange (you’ve zested it, so why not use the rest of it). I also added blue cheese. Now, it sounds as though I’m just making the regular ol’ beet/blue cheese/zingy fruit salad. *But* the crispy chick peas and the yogurt dressing do make it different. (Oh, and maybe I’d use lemon rather than rice vinegar.)


While I enjoyed the dressing and flavors of this salad, the preparation and presentation created an awkward amalgamation. The problem for me was the 1/2 inch slices of beets mixed with the arugula. It is not cohesive. You can't have the perfect bite. After preparing it as directed, I cut the beets into more manageable chunks, half inch or smaller. This step made it easier to mix with the arugula and to get the perfect bite. Next time I make it, I'll add bite-sized pieces of orange.

Bob S

I'll take beet greens over arugula any day.....waste not want not.

Dan H

It would seem that using any method other than roasting the beets misses the point. It’s not about peeling off the skins; however, it is about developing a rich flavor profile that microwaving or pressure cooking beets does not lend itself to.


Recipe indicates to zest the orange over the roasted chick peas under Step 1.


This is a delightful salad and will be on regular rotation! As suggested by others, dice beets rather then slice, add in the flesh of the orange in bite sized pieces once you’re done with the zesting, and a sprinkle of chopped pistachios makes this even yummier!


KatieC & DiabeS You don’t have to waste the aluminum foil if you wash it after the beets are done. I reuse foil all the time until it’s tearing and ultimately becomes too small. At that point it goes into my recycling bin.


Why cook the beets? If you have a mandolin, the taste and crunchy texture are amazing !


Even quicker, if you have a pressure cooker give the beets a scrub if needed and put them in your pressure cooker, skins on at 15 lbs pressure with 3/4 C. water for 10 min. or what ever your pressure cooker directions recommend for beets. Presto, you have cooed beets and the skins slide right off as with the slow cooker method.


I used watercress and roasted honeynut squash instead of arugula and beets. As another commenter suggested, this recipe is a good base for improvisation. The chickpeas are nice and I will use them more broadly.


Another approach to cooking beets: use the microwave. For beets that are 2 inches in diameter, split them in half through stem end and lay them flat on the bottom of a glass or ceramic lidded casserole. Add water just to cover and microwave on "high" for 8-9 minutes. I don't know if this uses less energy than the instant pot method, but it's definitely quicker.

Diane S

I agree with KateC regarding using aluminum foil. I made beets recently in the Instant Pot. I put them unpeeled on a trivet, added 1 C of water and used high pressure for 20 minutes, natural release for 10 minutes, then manual release. The skins slipped off easily, the beets were perfectly cooked for a salad and it was the easiest method of cooking that I've found.


It was a nice change from my standard beet/toasted walnut/warm chevre salad, but I must have done something wrong with the chickpeas. Maybe they were crispy when they first came out of oven, but I'd prepped them earlier and by dinnertime they were mealy and dry. I retoasted them in a bit of olive oil on the stovetop, but they did not thrill me.


I like the addition of orange segments. I would add cumin as well next time. I baked the chickpeas for 30 min. I took this to a party and literally everyone was raving about it. It outshone everything else that was there. Pizza, Greek salad, cupcakes all paled in comparison.

Liz C.

I was excited for this recipe, but it turned out bland and boring. Not worth the effort in my opinion.


Didnt love the dressing, not very flavorful. Put whole beets in a Dutch oven with lid for an hour. Chickpeas came out the best, liked someone else's suggestion on using salad spinner to rinse and dry. Smeared sauce on bottom of large bowl, added beats, chickpeas, and heaps of chopped fresh spinach, instead of arugula, to make it a bigger lunch for me.


Pretty tasty. I cut the orange into supremes to use up the rest of the fruit and added toasted walnuts and finely sliced celery (soaked for 20 mins in very cold water to crisp up). For the dressing, I toasted the spices in the olive oil on the stove before adding to the yogurt w/ the vinegar. Made the flavor come through more.If you're weary of using aluminum foil— don't be! Aluminum is the most efficient recyclable. It's back in production as a new product within 90 days after you recycle it.

too vinegary

Use far less vinegar. Or maybe use seasoned rice vinegar.


I ate this as a bowl on wild and brown rice mix with just a handful of the arugula. I roasted sliced beets, sliced butternut squash, sliced red onions on a sheet pan with the garbanzos. Delicious.

D Steiner

I put a little fresh mint on top! Great salad.


The yogurt/coriander combination didn't seem to have much flavor. But the orange segments plus beets were delicious. Yuzu vinegar was a good addition to the dressing.


For cooking beets, give them a good scrub and slice however thin you want. Toss with some olive oil, salt and pepper and roast. No need to remove skin or peel skin. You won't even notice the skin is on. So much easier and probably healthier. I do not roast anything in foil anymore due to possible leaching of the aluminum. I have not made this particular recipe yet, but have made a roasted beet salad with orange slices. I wonder if the orange would be good sliced up in this recipe?


Had beets and baby potatoes, not the rest. Used dressing with those and a little chopped sweet onion. Delicious day of and for days after as leftover. The coriander just keeps enhancing the veggies over time. Rinsed and cooked beets in Dutch oven, slow cooked at 200 for about 2 hours or more - until sharp knife easily slips in. Cool a bit in small dutch oven - they steam with their juices. Peel slips right off when you run under cold water.


Definitely add in an orange along with the zest. Whole cumin seeds on the chickpeas was very nice, feta added more interest in general. Found the dressing way too thick - a little water goes a long way.


Well... not an ideal summer dish since you have to heat the kitchen up when you toast the chickpeas in a 400 degree oven - nonetheless we followed the recipe to the letter. Not something we'd make again. The toasted chickpeas were dry and unpalatable. The yogurt sauce was good though.


Made more like 4 servings. Didn’t make the chickpeas but added crumbled goat cheese, orange and tangerine slices, and grilled chicken. Used spinach instead of arugula since that’s what I had on hand. Came out good, a nice light salad.


I couldn’t really taste the zest on the chickpeas, but I added some of the juice to the yogurt dressing, which added a nice bit of sweetness (and oranginess). I like the texture of the toasted chick peas. I threw some toasted walnuts on top of the salad — always nice to have a little extra crunch.

Posy Gering

Made a summer version with golden beets and strawberries - delicious!

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Beet Salad With Coriander-Yogurt Dressing Recipe (2024)


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