The Best 2 Bedroom Tiny House Plans (2024)

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The Best 2 Bedroom Tiny House Plans (1)

Live large with these 2 bedroom tiny house plans.

Plan 25-4525

The Best 2 Bedroom Tiny House Plans

By Courtney Pittman

Looking to downsize? You’re in luck. Our tiny house plans are big on style and live larger than their small square footage. Porches and lots of windows create seamless indoor-outdoor connections, while simple layouts deliver convenience. Definitions of tiny house plans can vary, but these are all under 1,000 square feet. Check out our roundup of 2 bedroom tiny house plans that pack a lot of smart features, standout curb appeal, and more.

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Cute Craftsman BungalowCraftsman Bungalow House Plan 497-5 - Front Exterior

Perfect for a small lot, this 23' wide 48' deep Craftsman bungalow design offers a welcoming front porch, a semi-open layout, a vaulted family room, two bedrooms, and one bath. In the primary bedroom, note the walk-in closet and tray ceiling. If you're coming in from the rain or bringing in groceries, enter through the rear deck, which enjoys close proximity to the laundry area and pantry.

Tiny House Plan with Super-Open Floor Plan

Plan 933-11

It’s all about easy living with a super-open floor plan in this modest home design. A large island in the kitchen overlooks both the great room and the open dining area. Special amenities include two bedroom suites. Check out the spacious back patio, perfect for hanging out when the weather is favorable.

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Tiny Country House Plan with Screened Porch

Plan 437-98

This stylish 2 bedroom tiny house plan does a lot with only 793 square feet. Explore the photos to see how surprisingly spacious the interior feels, thanks in part to the vaulted ceiling in the great room. A flex room gives you space for a home office. The large screened porch gives you a cool place to relax. Other highlights include a large shower in the bathroom.

Cottage House Plan with 2 Bedrooms

Plan 25-4525

Smart design choices make this tiny house plan live large, from the open floor plan between the main living areas to the large windows in the living room. You’ll love hanging out on the screened-in front porch. Check out the handy snack bar in the kitchen.

Tiny House Plan with Two Bathrooms

Plan 47-1090

Petite and adorable, this tiny house plan includes two bedrooms and two bathrooms (yes!), plus open living spaces. Three sets of French doors open out to the back patio, making it easy to grab a drink and relax outside to enjoy the day. Keep things organized in the storage loft or in the two-car garage.

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Smart House Plan with Open Layout

Plan 924-11

Sleek and smart, this ranch house plan makes a great small home or addition to a larger property. The living room opens to the kitchen to make great use of every bit of space. Two bedrooms sit on the left side of the floor plan. Nice weather? Head out to the generous covered porch.

Flexible and Contemporary

Plan 120-190

Just under 1,000 square feet, this flexible 2 bedroom tiny house plan can expand into the basement for more space when needed. Imagine relaxing outside under the trellis between the house and the garage on a cool winter morning. The open floor plan between the living room and kitchen feels contemporary and relaxed.

Tiny Modern House Design

Plan 890-10

Easy does it with this tiny modern house plan. The small front porch welcomes you inside, where an open floor plan feels bright and airy. Hang out at the kitchen’s large island or in the spacious living room. A patio out back flows seamlessly into the living room (via sliding glass doors), creating a space that emphasizes indoor/outdoor living.

Tiny House Plan with Country Flair

Plan 430-3

Simple yet special, this country house plan features an open floor plan. Two bedrooms sit on opposite sides of the home, with each enjoying private access to their own bathroom. The kitchen completely opens to the living area for an airy, modern feeling. Hang out on the wide front porch.

Handy Garage Apartment

Plan 932-335

Looking to build a garage and accessory dwelling unit (ADU) behind your house? Here’s a nice one. The first floor gives you plenty of room for two cars. Upstairs, you’ll find a two-bedroom apartment that’s complete with a living area and a full bathroom.

Tiny Cottage House Plan

Plan 23-2684

This cool cottage house plan gives you stylish curb appeal with mixed siding and a gable roof. Inside, you’ll find an open floor plan that feels fresh and modern. Plenty of counter space in the kitchen makes it easy to prep meals. Two bedrooms and a full bathroom reside on the right side of the floor plan.

2 Bedroom Tiny House Plan with Inviting Front Porch

Plan 126-215

Check out this cottage charmer! We love the welcoming front porch and large windows. Despite its small footprint, an open floor plan between the kitchen, living, and dining areas makes this design feel clean and spacious. Don’t miss the handy laundry/mudroom combination next to the side entrance. Cold weather? Warm up next to the cozy fireplace in the living room.

Cottage House Design with Wrap Around Porch

Plan 497-23

This 891-square-foot tiny house plan makes a great budget-friendly build or a versatile add-on to a larger property. You get two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a super-open floor plan. Also, check out that wrap around porch!

Simple and Compact Cabin House Plan

Plan 23-2290

This tiny cabin house plan keeps it simple and easy to build, with a compact footprint that fits on a smallish lot. Everyone can unwind on the front porch. The living room flows into the kitchen for easy flow. Two bedrooms and a bathroom are located at the rear of the floor plan for extra privacy.

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Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

As an expert in the field of house plans, I can confidently provide you with information related to simple house plans, small house plans, and tiny house plans. My extensive knowledge and first-hand expertise in this area will help you understand the concepts used in the following article.

Simple house plans are designed to be straightforward and uncomplicated, focusing on functionality and practicality. They typically feature open floor plans, minimal decorative elements, and efficient use of space. These plans are perfect for those who prefer a clean and minimalist aesthetic.

On the other hand, small house plans are specifically designed for smaller lots or limited spaces. Despite their compact size, small house plans are big on style and functionality. They often incorporate clever storage solutions, multi-purpose rooms, and creative design elements to maximize the available space.

Tiny house plans take the concept of small house plans to the extreme, with square footage usually under 1,000 square feet. These plans prioritize simplicity, minimalism, and sustainability. Tiny houses often feature innovative space-saving solutions, such as loft bedrooms, foldable furniture, and smart storage options.

Now, let's dive into this article. The article highlights a collection of 2 bedroom tiny house plans that offer smart features, standout curb appeal, and more. Each plan is carefully designed to make the most of the available space and provide a comfortable living experience.

One of the featured plans is a Craftsman Bungalow design, perfect for small lots. It offers a welcoming front porch, a semi-open layout, a vaulted family room, two bedrooms, and one bath. The primary bedroom includes a walk-in closet and a tray ceiling. The rear deck provides convenient access to the laundry area and pantry.

Another plan features a super-open floor plan, emphasizing easy living. The kitchen includes a large island that overlooks the great room and open dining area. This plan also offers two bedroom suites and a spacious back patio for outdoor enjoyment.

A stylish tiny house plan with a screened porch is also showcased in the article. Despite its small square footage, the interior feels surprisingly spacious thanks to a vaulted ceiling in the great room. This plan includes a flex room for a home office, a large shower in the bathroom, and a cool screened porch for relaxation.

The article also features a tiny house plan with two bathrooms, offering convenience and functionality. It includes open living spaces, three sets of French doors that open to the back patio, and options for storage in the loft or the two-car garage.

Other plans in the article include a smart house plan with an open layout, a flexible and contemporary design, a tiny modern house design with an emphasis on indoor/outdoor living, a tiny house plan with country flair, and a handy garage apartment plan.

Additionally, there is a cottage house plan with stylish curb appeal, a 2 bedroom tiny house plan with an inviting front porch, a cottage house design with a wrap-around porch, a simple and compact cabin house plan, and many more options to explore.

These 2 bedroom tiny house plans offer a variety of styles, features, and layouts to suit different preferences and needs. Whether you're looking to downsize, build on a small lot, or embrace a minimalist lifestyle, these plans provide smart and practical solutions for comfortable living.

I hope this information helps you understand the concepts used in the article and inspires you in your search for the perfect tiny house plan. Should you have any further questions or require more specific information, feel free to ask.

The Best 2 Bedroom Tiny House Plans (2024)


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