Truoba European House Plans (2024)

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    Our European house plans evoke the luxury and charm of the Old World while presenting modern conveniences to dwellers.

    European home plans have a European or Old-World appeal. They share some characteristics associated with certain designs that are Europe-centric such as Mediterranean, French, or Spanish house designs. However, European home designs remain dynamic.

    These lovely homes exhibit European characteristics and charm but also showcase several contemporary architectural elements. This merge of ancient and modern architectural elegance gives homeowners a unique feel of both worlds.

    There are various sizes, designs, and styles of European homes. You can picture them as large homes with massive lots or ancient designs. They do not have specific layouts. Therefore, you can look through our collection of European house plans to find one that suits your personal preferences, building budget, and family size.

    Truoba Mini 419


    Truoba European House Plans (7) 1170 sq/ft Truoba European House Plans (8)2 Bed Truoba European House Plans (9)2 Bath

    Truoba Class 115


    Truoba European House Plans (17) 2300 sq/ft Truoba European House Plans (18)3 Bed Truoba European House Plans (19)2 Bath

    Truoba Mini 220


    Truoba European House Plans (22) 570 sq/ft Truoba European House Plans (23) 1 Bed Truoba European House Plans (24)1 Bath

    Truoba Mini 221


    Truoba European House Plans (27) 650 sq/ft Truoba European House Plans (28) 2 Bed Truoba European House Plans (29)1 Bath

    Truoba 321


    Truoba European House Plans (32) 1410 sq/ft Truoba European House Plans (33) 3 Bed Truoba European House Plans (34)2 Bath

    Truoba Mini 615


    Truoba European House Plans (37) 880 sq/ft Truoba European House Plans (38) 2 Bed Truoba European House Plans (39) 1 Bath

    Truoba 218


    Truoba European House Plans (42) 1628 sq/ft Truoba European House Plans (43)3 Bed Truoba European House Plans (44) 2 Bath

    Truoba Class 519


    Truoba European House Plans (47) 2890 sq/ft Truoba European House Plans (48) 4 Bed Truoba European House Plans (49)3.5 Bath

    Truoba Mini 319


    Truoba European House Plans (52) 795 sq/ft Truoba European House Plans (53)2 Bed Truoba European House Plans (54) 1 Bath

    Truoba Class 421


    Truoba European House Plans (57) 2757 sq/ft Truoba European House Plans (58) 4 Bed Truoba European House Plans (59) 3.5 Bath

    Truoba Class 520


    Truoba European House Plans (62) 2981 sq/ft Truoba European House Plans (63) 4 Bed Truoba European House Plans (64) 3.5 Bath

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    European Style House Plans

    There are various descriptions of European-style homes. This is because it is difficult to summarize a historic house with a particular architectural element. Besides, the continent now has a wide range of house plans that cover various movements and eras. Hence, we should regard European-style houses as describing different elements instead of a rigid architectural movement.

    Generally, you will discover that most European style homes feature romantic elements such as

    • Elegant window shutters
    • Hipped rooflines
    • Clipped gables
    • Asymmetrical facades
    • Stone arches

    In fact, most European home plans do not strictly adhere to a particular style, but they utilize a combination of different elements to produce unique and innovative structures. The interiors often have decorative ceilings or graceful columns that delineate rooms. You can make the exterior appear like a castle by adding a dazzling turret.

    European Cottage House Plans

    Cottage-style interiors and architecture radiate informality and comfort. Most people identify with this house style because it makes them feel at home. The home evokes cozy living, some kind of clean, crisp, closer to nature sense that most urban dwellers crave.

    You may not find a cottage that has all the following features, but most of them display at least, some of these characteristics:

    • A cottage garden
    • Thatched roof – The traditional cottages were densely covered with harvested reed, straw, or rush for insulation. It also contributed to the rustic charm of the building.
    • Fake thatched roof – In today’s world, straw or reed are replaced with more modern materials. Builders now roll composition roofing around eaves or steam wood shingles to resemble thatch.
    • Steeply pitched roofs
    • Half-timbered structure – the first floors of cottages are built with brick or stone while the second floors are mainly timber or combined with other materials.
    • Side gables
    • Decorative half-timbered facade
    • Massive chimney
    • Low lines of eave
    • Stacked chimneys
    • A tall roof (in some designs)
    • A medieval or rustic appearance
    • Vines often cover the cottage
    • Sash windows
    • Smart concrete usage
    • Bargeboard
    • Lattice-style or multi-paned leaded windows

    European Country House Plans

    European country homes take the semblance of the luxurious French chateaux accompanied by simple Spanish home designs. They can cover over three thousand one hundred and ninety-three square feet, making them appear regal but approachable. Their tops are dotted with multiple gables and steep roofs while their exterior walls are graced with the stonework of old Europe.

    Furthermore, the modern country house plan usually features a garage for one car. It may also have a breezeway that connects it to an in-built shop area which can extend to an attached 3-car garage. The plan will most often also have a large parking court. For the interior, it is common to have 4 bedrooms, a half bath, and 3 bathrooms.

    Two bedrooms will likely share double sinks and a jack-and-jill bathroom at a corner. The other corner is also likely to feature a large master suite and another bedroom that has its own bathroom. This room will be ideal for guests. A standard master suite will be expected to have a bathroom, 2 sinks, 1 custom shower, 1 garden tub, and 2 walk-in closets.

    Additionally, the building can have another story that you cannot view from the exterior. This will likely offer an attic space and an extra room. You will also find a formal dining area, a great room or breakfast area, and a combined kitchen. It is common to have a passage from the breakfast room that leads to a covered porch where you can make backyard barbecues. There will also be a front porch for casual gatherings.

    The above description is a common design that of course will differ from person to person. In all cases, personal preferences will always play a major part.

    Truoba European House Plans (65)

    Truoba European House Plans (66)

    Truoba European House Plans (67)

    Truoba Class 520 house plan

    Floor Plans, Exterior and Interior Designs

    The European home plans are created from some home designs such as Tudor homes, Swiss chalets, English cottages, and French country houses. The plans range between 832 – 15000 square feet.

    The Exterior Façade

    The exteriors of European homes are elegant and highly decorative with interesting design elements. These add to the curb appeal of the entire home. The exteriors also showcase sprawling facades, archways, elaborate rooflines, and series of tall or large windows. Also, they may have a courtyard garage entrance with enough paved driveways.

    Apart from the large courtyard space, there are other courtyard areas that are adjacent to the inner rooms. You can access them through a single or sliding door or an elegant French door. The walls are made up of organic design items such as stone, smooth stucco, or brick. You can use the modern and functional turrets as your dining room, sitting room, or library within the interior of the home. The area offers excellent window views, providing an airy and bright space.

    Additionally, there is an enclosed entrance (porte-cochere) for vehicles. It opens into the courtyard, allowing guests to alight from automobiles. European floor plans have large and sprawling exteriors, but they are suitable and functional for big, narrow property plots.

    Obviously, the homes are built up instead of out. But there are lots of opportunities for interesting gables, grand and decorative facades, rooflines, and a comfortable floor plan for you and your family.

    Truoba European House Plans (68)

    Interior Designs

    European home designs, irrespective of regional influence, add interesting details to the home’s interior, not just the exterior. The interiors feature textured wall surfaces, organic construction materials, high ceilings, interior ironwork, and interior archways. The floor plan is large and well arranged such that there is enough space to entertain guests, including private quarters and separate sleeping areas for the entire family.

    Also, the grand foyers have sweeping staircases and there are luxury formal rooms like salons, libraries, and conservatories. They are magnificently designed like the rooms of the past eras. Although most European home designs feature large floor plans, smaller floor plans can have similar architectural elements.

    You can also choose your preferred foundation within the wide scope that the interior floor plan offers. The foundation could be a basem*nt, crawl space, or slab foundation. Obviously, basem*nts, whether daylight/walk-out basem*nts or traditional cellar basem*nts, offer more potential for extra living space. The floor plans feature terrace living levels and highlight unlimited possibilities when you need extra family space.

    Therefore, whether you want a suite for in-laws, an informal entertaining space, extra baths and bedrooms, or a copious amount of storage area, you can get them all in a European floor plan.

    Truoba European House Plans (2024)


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